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When writing an online press release, keyword use and placement can help generate increased visibility in a targeted market.

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Using Keywords in Online Press Releases

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Dallas, TX (SEO Press Release News) -- Keywords are an important way for any writer to get their online press release recognized and ranked highly by different search engines. Using keywords is as simple as picking the main topic of the article and placing the words properly and frequently through the online press release. There are some steps that must be taken to ensure the correct usage of keywords in online press releases.

The first and most vital step is to create a list of keywords. This is the most basic starting point. Once the title of the article is created, a list of keywords that match the title can be chosen. The first paragraph or the introductory paragraph is the one that will draw the reader in and determine if he or she will continue to read the remainder of the article. Therefore, choose the best keywords to place in this paragraph.

The next step that needs to be taken is the construction of the introductory paragraph. It is important to use the main keyword at least twice in this first paragraph. The first sentence of the first paragraph should contain an extremely careful placement of this keyword as well. Placing the keyword in the very first sentence and the very last sentence of the introductory paragraph is normally the most effective way to write an opening paragraph of an online press release.

Finally, the use of the keyword in the remainder of the online press release is just as important. The use of your keyword should not be forced and if the word is repeated in every single sentence, the reader will begin to realize that something is being promoted or sold and likely stop reading. The trick to good keyword placement in an online press release is to use the words naturally. Use other information and synonyms to balance the use of the keywords and drive the point of the message home.

After your online press release is written, review the article and count how many times your main key word is used. The keyword should be found in the headline, sub-header, first and last sentence of your online press release. A loose guideline for keyword usage in online press releases is roughly 4% of the text should be the use of the main keyword for an SEO press release effect.

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