Timing is everything: When to send an online press release

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Press release distribution site WiredPRNews.com reviews the best time and days for sending online press releases.

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Timing is everything: When to send an online press release

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Dallas, TX (WiredPRNews.com) - There is not one single rule that determines what the best time to send out an online press release is. Many different factors play a part, but there are a few guidelines that can help a company get ahead of their competition for the media’s attention reports WiredPRNews.com, a trusted press release distribution site.

It is found that the best time of the day to release news is in the morning between the hours of nine and eleven. By submitting an online press release in the morning, news channels will have time to review and pick up the news if it is of value to their readers, and if a local event is taking place the news sources have ample time to send out a reporter for live coverage. The early afternoon is the second best time of the day to submit an online press release. Submitting a press release before 2:30 pm is vital due to the fact that most blogs, Internet news sources, daily newspapers and local television stations will already have their top stories for the day selected.

As far as there being a specific day of the week that is best for sending out a release, there isn’t one states the press release distribution site. While news distributed Monday through Thursday may get more pickups, the increase is marginal over Friday through Sunday’s pickups. Similarly, there is no best time of the month or year to send out an online press release. There is one very important thing to remember when distributing news, and it may seem like common sense, but do not send out an online press release when the world is entangled in a current event like the recent Japanese Tsunami or on a major religious holiday. At these times, both the media and the public have other more pressing thoughts on their mind and the release may go unnoticed.

Like with all successful marketing efforts, companies need to know their target market and give it what it wants. Send out online press releases when the audience slated for readership will be most responsive. For more information on press release distribution and the use of online press releases for marketing, visit http://pressreleaseservice.wiredprnews.com.

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