Online Press Release Service Tip: 4 Writing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

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When taking the time to write a blog or online press release, be sure to produce quality work that will positively impact business.

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Online Press Release Service Tip: 4 Writing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

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Dallas, TX (Press Release Distribution News) - For businesses, effective writing for the Internet can make all the difference whether posted to a blog or online press release service. A quality blog or press release can be the driving force behind a successful business, and writing lacking that quality can actively damage the business' reputation. In today's world of global markets and de-localization, having a strong web presence is more important than ever.

According to the online press release service, there are a number of mistakes companies often make in their writing efforts that can be disastrous. This article will cover four of the most important mistakes to avoid.

Poor Writing

The single most important to avoid mistake is a poorly written blog or press release. This is a sure way to drive off potential customers. Articles that contain an abundance of spelling errors or grammatical problems are going to drive customers away from a website faster than a broken window and dirty floor will drive them out of a store. Take the time to make sure that each article is well written.

Presenting verses Conversing

It's important to remember that blogs function best as communities and press releases as value added sources of information. While pontificating may give a feeling of importance to the author, it will function better if the posts are as conversational as they are informative. Answer potential reader’s questions and solve their problems through the use of third person writing. Avoid words like ‘you’ and ‘yours’ in online press releases.

Being Overly Promotional

Trying to use a blog or online press release service primarily as a sales outlet is a very common mistake. A business blog should be more than a cyberspace billboard listing current sales and products. In online press releases it is okay to distribute company happenings such as product launches or new hires, just be sure the news is in fact newsworthy. Helpful and informative posts should be the rule, not the exception.

Lack of Direction & Strategy

Variety in subjects written on helps to prevent stagnation and prevents content from becoming boring. However, what the readers can expect from a company should be clear. Always make sure posts fit into the overall theme of a blog and press releases are constant with a core marketing position.

Follow these tips and use a quality online press release service for maximum online exposure. For more helpful press release distribution writing tips visit

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