Avoid These Common Writing Errors Says Online Press Release Company

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When it comes to SEO press release distribution writing, these common mistakes are too often seen by Online Press Release Company WiredPRNews.com

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Avoid These Common Writing Errors Says Online Press Release Company

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Dallas, TX (SEO Press Release Distribution News) -- Many writers are now focusing heavily on the use of spell check programs to edit their work reports Online Press Release Company WiredPRNews.com. However, this may not always be an effective solution to spelling and grammar errors. This is due to the fact that many mistakes will not be recognized by spell check even though they are errors.

Take into consideration the following sentence says the Online Press Release Company: I was greatly effected by the situation. Spell check will not pick up on this sentence as containing an error, even though it does. The wrong form of the word effect was used. If someone has an influence on something or someone, then the word effect is the correct form. However, if someone or something influences a person, then the word affect is the correct form. Although both forms of the word are spelled correctly, the sentence is still wrong says the Online Press Release Company.

Words that are pronounced exactly the same but spelled differently are called homophones. There are many different words that pose this exact problem. Some of the most common usage mistakes are accept/except, its/it’s, principal/principle, their/there/they’re, to/too/two, off/of and your/you’re.

Another main problem that plagues writers is the use of the apostrophe. For example, the following sentence has a major error in it: I love you’re new shoes! This sentence is incorrect because of the form of the word your that is present. The form used in the example sentence is actually the two words, you are, fused together as a contraction with an apostrophe explains Online Press Release Company Wired PR News. The apostrophe can be used to show possession (Randy’s shoes), to indicate omission in contractions (you’re) and to form certain plurals of words.

The Online Press Release Company reports that compound words also seem to be the cause of many errors for writers. Many words exist only as one word, while other words must be divided into two. Words that are commonly divided, but are actually only one word are already, cannot, classroom and overweight. Words that are commonly written as only one word, but are actually two words are a lot, all right, even though and no one. These words can be confusing when they are not used in the correct format.

Mistakes will be made. However, writers should rely on their own knowledge of spelling and the English language instead of a spellchecker. For more writing and SEO press release distribution tips from the Online Press Release Company, visit http://pressreleaseservice.wiredprnews.com.

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